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We developed our own live streaming feed system (LIW Games). We stream 24/7 LIVE draws throughout the globe, using 4 beautiful customizable multi-location studios, state-of-the-art mechanical drums and real, professional presenters. We make results instant, keeping players fully engaged. 

First steps

Lotto Instant Win is a live lottery service of the Zagreb-based lottery company Pin Projekt Ltd with over 15 years in the gaming industry. Lotto Instant Win games are a revolution in the lottery betting industry which required great effort to develop. 

After market research we have come to know that what we need for the organization of our games currently does not exist anywhere else and, as such, everything had to be built from scratch.

This venture has meant great engagement of engineers to meet the conditions that we are proposing in the quality of the machines and the software required for 5 different studios.

Proprietary tech

Expert support team

Live stream engineers

Trained presenters

Where we are today

Today we can boast that we have a unique product, whose development and testing lasted several years. According to the results and the acceptance of the games we see that we have filled the space with new industry games and a new kind of offer.

Every piece of equipment is designed to last incomparably longer than anything currently on the market. It is because it was developed for the purposes of the draws and games with high frequency in comparison to classic live lotteries. In this way, and with the new technology we are closer to the frequency of virtual games, but we maintain the credibility of the lottery games with a live video feed from the Studio.

What will future bring…

We are incessantly evolving the digital gaming environment. With the two new cutting-edge studios about to be launched, together with augmenting the social experience of gameplay, and robust plans for harnessing the power of the incoming VR/XR/AR revolutions, we do not stop advancing the state of play.

Certificates and awards

We are compliant in following categories:

  • Prevention of fraud and criminal behavior.
  • Security of privacy and personal information.
  • Theoretical randomness of the results data.
  • IT and business security.
  • Data archiving and accessibility of results.
  • Monitoring of the draws and human resources.
  • Staff training.
  • Inventory handling and security.

Pin Projekt, with our LIW Games, is a proud recipient of the prestigious G2E ASIA 2018 Best Lottery Solution Award, given to the company with the strongest lottery solution in the industry.

Our team

Ivan Grković


Tina Katanić


Vedran Katić


Antonio Dasović


Ana Pinjuh


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