Easy integration of our elegant product

Our intuitive interfaces offered by our team of gaming and tech professionals are built to allow unobstructed playtime for players and total transparency and control for managers, regardless of the platform (mobile, desktop, tablet, terminal). They are elegant, simple, and without lag time offering a robust but intuitive control.

24/7 technical support

28 supported languages

Fully responsive

Fast integration

All-in-one product

Liw Games

The LIW Games™️ is an advanced state of lotto games brand, property of Pin Projekt LTD based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Physical machine drums

Built-in safety mechanism for real-time monitoring and problem resolution.

Professional presenters

Trained to deliver the appealing, refined, and humane experience.

Multi-location studios

Intuitive solution enables fully personalized experience for everyone.

Variety of fast-paced games

Maximum satisfaction of players and optimal profit for management.

Intuitive user interfaces

Unobstructed playtime for players and total control for managers.

Expert support and integration

Step-by-step integration, helping you reach optimum efficiency.

Detailed yet simple

Powerful backoffice

Made for managers

High-level reporting

24/7 full support

Optimal security

Data should make your lottery manager’s job easier. That’s why we’ve built a detailed yet simple backoffice with high-level reporting with full statistics about games, players, payouts and 24/7 technical and ticket support.

Our system is extremely flexible and can be integrated into your current gaming platform within short period of time via manageable API’s. You maintain control of the data at all time, allowing for optimal security of your database.


Beautiful front-end

Made for players

Fully responsive

Beautifully crafted ui

Intuitive user journey

The design and functionality of the lottery front-end is key to success and profitability. We designed elegant, simple and beautiful front-end interface which guarantee intuitive user journey.

Using HTML5 technology allows us to offer cross-platform solution for non-stop gaming experience for our players.

24/7 full support

Our support team will guide you through step-by-step integration, making it simple, fast and helping you reach optimum efficiency. Ticket support team with 24/7 service helping players enjoy unobstructed playtime.