The advanced state of Lotto games

Streaming 24/7 broadcast studio draws with professional presenters and instant results, anywhere on the planet every 1-5 minutes, 24hrs a day!


customizable studios


full support


our own games


daily draws

All-in-one solution

We developed our own live streaming feed system (LIW Games) using 4 beautiful customizable multi-location studios, state-of-the-art mechanical drums and real, professional presenters. We make results instant and keeping players fully engaged.

Own drums and balls

Beautifully designed ui

Intuitive and simple ux

Special jackpot games

Proprietary tech

Continous live stream

Adjustable odds

Trained human presenters

Fully adaptable to your requirements

State-of-the-art mechanical drum machines

Fast paced games

Total accuracy

Maximum durability

  • Instant results (for each ball drawn).
  • Maximum draw frequency.
  • Total accuracy.
  • Engineered for maximum durability.
  • Enduring, futuristic design.
  • Fully adaptable to the requirements of branding and betting odds.
  • Built-in safety mechanism monitoring and problem resolution.

all-in-one solution

Easy integration of our elegant product

Our intuitive and beautifully crafted interfaces offered by our team of gaming and tech professionals are built to allow unobstructed playtime for players and total transparency and control for managers. They are elegant, simple, and without lag time offering a robust but intuitive control.

More than 20 distinct games

Our own fast-paced games

20+ engaging games including special and jackpot options are market proven to deliver best results with profit margins adjustable to your needs.

Multi-location studios

Beautiful & customizable

Exciting LIW Games are avaliable through 4 studios. 48 balls studio provides a mix of casino games, lottery, and betting on live events. Players can bet on three different games every four minutes with up to 180 draws daily. 20 balls studio offers over 400 daily draws. In 37 balls studio, players can enjoy a roulette inspired lottery game, and 80 balls studio takes everyone to the world of Keno games.

48 48 balls
20 20 balls
37 37 balls
80 80 balls
59 59 balls
SB Sic Bo

48 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color




  • 300,000 draws in 5 years
  • 11,400,000 balls drawn
  • 1 void draw
  • 43,000 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,99%
  • Weekly maintenance < 8 hours
Lucky Six 35/48 Win 5/48 Win 7/48 Special Games

20 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color



  • 380,000 draws in 5 years
  • 7,800,000 balls drawn
  • 0 void draw
  • 26,000 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,98%
  • Weekly maintenance < 4 hours
Win 5/20 Win 10/20 Special Games

37 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color




  • 960,000 draws in 3 years
  • 960,000 balls drawn
  • 0 void draw
  • 26,000 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,98%
  • Weekly maintenance < 4 hours
Win 1/37

80 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color




  • 89,000 draws in 2 years
  • 6,990,000 balls drawn
  • 1 void draw
  • 17,500 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,98%
  • Weekly maintenance < 8 hours
Win 5/80 Win 10/80 Win 20/80 Win 30/80 Win 40/80 Win 50/80 Keno 5/80 Keno 10/80 Keno 20/80

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24/7 live stream and up-to-date draw results

With our continuous 24/7 live stream and instant results system, the players are more engaged and that converts to longer play time giving players more opportunities to place an extra bet.

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