All-in-one product

Liw Games

The LIW Games™️ is an advanced state of lotto games brand, property of Pin Projekt LTD based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Physical machine drums

Built-in safety mechanism for real-time monitoring and problem resolution.

Professional presenters

Trained to deliver the appealing, refined, and humane experience.

Multi-location studios

Intuitive solution enables fully personalized experience for everyone.

Variety of fast-paced games

Maximum satisfaction of players and optimal profit for management.

Intuitive user interfaces

Unobstructed playtime for players and total control for managers.

Expert support and integration

Step-by-step integration, helping you reach optimum efficiency.

Fully adaptable to your requirements

State-of-the-art mechanical drum machines

Fast paced games

Total accuracy

Maximum durability

  • Instant results (for each ball drawn).
  • Maximum draw frequency.
  • Total accuracy.
  • Engineered for maximum durability.
  • Enduring, futuristic design.
  • Fully adaptable to the requirements of branding and betting odds.
  • Built-in safety mechanism monitoring and problem resolution.

More than 20 distinct games

Our own fast-paced games

20+ engaging games including special and jackpot options are market proven to deliver best results with profit margins adjustable to your needs.

LIW Games are offered to players across the world. The top game in the Eastern European region, Europe, Africa, Latin America is the Studio 1’s Lucky Six game. The players in Asia prefer Win 1/37 from Studio 3, while Scandinavian players choose Keno games available in Studio 4.


In 48 balls studio with the last 6 numbers left in the drum there is an Jackpot game. This a cumulative win game where when you miss all the chosen balls in the Lucky Six game, you will win the Jackpot.


Our games are completely mechanical requiring no background control mechanism for randomness. The odds range is set according to the mathematical calculation of the outcome probability for each type of lotto game.

Multi-location studios

Beautiful & customizable

Exciting LIW Games are avaliable through 4 studios. 48 balls studio provides a mix of casino games, lottery, and betting on live events. Players can bet on three different games every four minutes with up to 180 draws daily. 20 balls studio offers over 400 daily draws. In 37 balls studio, players can enjoy a roulette inspired lottery game, and 80 balls studio takes everyone to the world of Keno games.

48 48 balls
20 20 balls
37 37 balls
80 80 balls
59 59 balls
SB Sic Bo

48 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color




  • 300,000 draws in 5 years
  • 11,400,000 balls drawn
  • 1 void draw
  • 43,000 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,99%
  • Weekly maintenance < 8 hours
Lucky Six 35/48 Win 5/48 Win 7/48 Special Games

20 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color



  • 380,000 draws in 5 years
  • 7,800,000 balls drawn
  • 0 void draw
  • 26,000 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,98%
  • Weekly maintenance < 4 hours
Win 5/20 Win 10/20 Special Games

37 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color




  • 960,000 draws in 3 years
  • 960,000 balls drawn
  • 0 void draw
  • 26,000 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,98%
  • Weekly maintenance < 4 hours
Win 1/37

80 balls studio


Draw duration

Studio color




  • 89,000 draws in 2 years
  • 6,990,000 balls drawn
  • 1 void draw
  • 17,500 hours of live streaming
  • Up time 99,98%
  • Weekly maintenance < 8 hours
Win 5/80 Win 10/80 Win 20/80 Win 30/80 Win 40/80 Win 50/80 Keno 5/80 Keno 10/80 Keno 20/80
Located in Zagreb

Our headquater is placed in Croatian capital Zagreb, European Union.

Chroma-key technology

Using a visual-effects technique Chroma-key or Green screen technology.

Cutting-edge technology

Studios are equipped with cutting-edge video and audio technology.

Fully adjustable

Studios are fully adjustable to your branding requirements and needs.

Professional grade lighting

Lighting is essential for beautiful, high-quality streaming.

Our award-winning live streaming system is based on separating location of presenters (studios) and drawing machines. This enables LIW Games to be fully adaptable to your market demands.

Tier 1 – Branding

Using our complete unified Tier 1 solution (LIW Games studios/presenters, drum machines, and user interfaces) is preferable in English speaking markets. The system adapts fully to your branding needs.

Tier 2 – Localization

Using our Tier 2 solution (LIW Games drum machines and user interfaces + your studios/presenters) is preferable for non-English speaking markets. The results remain the same for all parties as they come from the same certified locations of the drums.