After 2 years of pause we have finally had a chance to exhibit at ICE only this time in April instead of the usual February date. The 2 years have been spent developing further our proprietary tech which we showcased at our stand at ICE.

For the first time our partners and potential clients were able to see one of our drum machines in person. We’ve brought a fully functional drum to the stand which simulated an entire draw from our studio number 1 and displayed the results on one of the TVs at the stand wall. 

Why is this important?

It often might be taken for granted how much we’ve invested in technology and trustworthiness of our operation. Not only are the machines fully mechanical but we’ve also created balls which can withstand such a huge frequency of a custom high frequency draw drum. A fully automated mechanical machine is a closed loop system which is able to draw without any problems even outside the original setup.

The drum at the expo was running for 3 days straight without any glitches and we’ve also received feedback that it looks like the best ‘’popcorn’’ drum machine ever built. And this came from some of the industry’s gaming veterans which was great to hear.

After the moderate turnout at ICE this year due to the pandemic and war in Ukraine we are still pleased with the number of contacts made, follow ups with existing and future clients. 

We expect to add at least three major partners in the next couple of months to strengthen our leading position in RSA as well as to open new global markets with some of the largest operator in the industry.

Stay tuned for more news and tech updates very soon and see you at the next spot!